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Creating Your Vision


Before receiving art files or specifications, a Chattanooga Labeling Systems Account Manager will consult with you on the proposed design and application. We will speak with you to gain an understanding of the glass decoration requirements, then recommend the appropriate decoration technology.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with one of our Account Managers, contact us.

CLS employees inspecting glass on production line

What We’ll Need from You

After our initial consultation, we will request the following information and materials from you. These can be provided through our Designer Resources Upload form below.


Minimum order quantity


Physical glass samples


Bottle drawings


Artwork and color specifications


Any specific quality or testing requirements


Packaging requirements


Desired production timelines


When uploading art files, please ensure the files are in the correct format.

Accepted formats and file requirements are as follows:


300 dpi or greater at 100% final size


Text should be converted to outlines by selecting the text and clicking “create outline.”

Accepted file formats

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Acrobat Vector

Additional requirements

  • Please include any files that are “linked” to your art file or embed them in your file.
  • Please be sure Pantone numbers are identified in your art files.


What is your minimum order quantity?
The minimum order quantity depends on the ware being decorated, the decoration process and how complex the decoration is. In general, most production lines have a 10,000-piece minimum, but we can discuss the specifics of your project to see if we can accommodate your needs.
Do you supply the glass for my project?
Most of our customers source their glass and have it shipped to us. If needed, we can assist you in sourcing your glass, as we have relationships with many glass suppliers.
Are there setup charges for print runs?
We may have a one-time tooling charge to create fixtures that hold your glass during the decorating process. All other setup costs are rolled into the production price quote.
Does my glass need to be packaged in cartons or on bulk pallets?
We can process glass in cartons and repack in original cartons. We can also handle bulk glass and repack on bulk containers or erect cartons and insert partitions if needed. We can also help you get in touch with carton vendors if needed.
Do I have to worry about environmental regulations with your process?
No, we have a very knowledgeable technical team that can help guide you through the various state and federal regulations pertaining to decorating glass.
How long will it take to get my glass decorated?
Since we work on custom decorations, we evaluate each project individually. We can provide lead times after we evaluate your project and consider order quantity, complexity, material lead times and our current workload.
Will the glass decoration be damaged as bottles are transported on a filling line?
Our ACL print process uses ceramic inks that are fired onto the glass to make a durable decoration that becomes part of the glass. Our spray process utilizes water based inks that are cured on the glass. While not as durable as ceramic inks, we have many distilleries that run our sprayed bottles on automated filling lines.
Is my artwork protected if I have you reproduce it?
We will only utilize your artwork on projects for you. No one else will have access to your artwork.
Do you perform any quality checks during production?
Most certainly. We do hourly, documented quality control checks on all production lines. We also build our custom quality procedures based on individual customer requirements.
Can I get production samples?
Yes, we can produce samples for approval prior to production for a sampling fee.
How many colors can I use for my decoration?
Our presses can print up to 8 colors. The total number of colors possible depends on the location of print on the glass. For instance, printing the same color on the neck and body of a bottle may count as two colors.
What is the first step required to receive a quote?
Please submit the digital artwork, bottle drawings, quantities, packaging specifications and any special requirements to us for evaluation.
What is the minimum artwork size you can print?

Type should be at least 6 pt. and lines should be at least 0.5 pt.

File Upload

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