Leading the Industry Through Progressive Processes

CLS employees inspecting glass on production line


As leaders in our industry, we set an example by prioritizing sustainable practices within our facility that reduce our carbon footprint and divert waste from landfills as much as possible. Being located in the picturesque Chattanooga, TN, we are committed to doing our part to preserve the natural beauty of our area.

We recycle:

  • Post-use plastic stretch film
  • Corrugated materials

Additionally, any waste glass generated at our plant is shipped to glass manufacturers to use as cullet (starter glass).


We set ourselves apart by adopting the most advanced decorating robotics to provide faster production, accurate design work, and unrivaled quality. Our robotics collection includes top-rated machinery from the most innovative companies, as well as several custom-programmed, proprietary machines crafted by our engineers.

We utilize:

  • Proprietary vision systems for decoration inspections
  • Chipped finish cameras to detect finish defects
  • Automatic case packing
  • Robotic carton erection
  • Pick-and-place robots to load and unload bottles
  • 3D printers and custom tooling made in-house
  • And more
CLS employees inspecting glass on production line