Serving the Bourbon Trail and Beyond

Integrity, Innovation and Superior Quality

Throughout our history, we have embraced the “new.” Whether it be a new process, location, technology, or market, we have found a way to adapt and become experts in whatever the next venture may be. As a result, we have partnered with clients across several market sectors to provide the superior quality and service people have come to expect. From whiskeys to water bottles to candles and more, we apply our values of integrity and innovation to each project that comes our way.
CLS Management team


As masters of glass decoration, Chattanooga Labeling Systems caters to the spirits market. From the iconic distilleries along the Bourbon Trail to craft distillers, our expertise extends to delivering unparalleled quality and innovation in glass decorating. Whether it’s intricate labeling for premium whiskies or distinctive designs for artisanal spirits, CLS ensures that each bottle reflects the unique essence of the brand it holds.


CLS elevates the art of wine presentation through glass decoration. Collaborating with vineyards and wineries around the nation, we understand the diverse needs of this dynamic market. From elegant labeling for fine vintages to modern designs for up-and-coming brands, our commitment to high-quality decoration shines through. CLS transforms wine bottles into works of art, capturing the essence of the vineyard and enhancing the overall brand experience.
CLS Management team
CLS Management team


In the realm of specialty products, CLS’s glass decorating services extend beyond traditional boundaries. From custom-designed candle jars to eye-catching packaging for products, our expertise transforms ordinary glass into extraordinary visual brand representation. Embracing creativity, we collaborate with clients to bring their specialty items to life, ensuring that each piece stands out with our superior design application technologies.

Food & Beverage

CLS’s glass decorating prowess extends to the diverse world of food and beverage packaging. From gourmet sauces and condiments and beyond, we enhance the visual appeal of these products, complementing the quality within. With a focus on quality control and design execution, CLS partners with food and beverage producers to create packaging that not only protects but also captivates consumers on the shelves.
CLS Management team
CLS Management team


Crafting a visual identity for breweries, CLS collaborates with the beer market to elevate brand recognition. From flagship ales to limited-edition brews, our glass decorating services cater to the diverse spectrum of beer packaging needs. CLS combines innovation with precision, ensuring that each beer bottle design is flawless, enticing consumers with visually striking designs that capture the spirit of the brew inside.