All-Encompassing, All In-House

Making your life easier is one of our top priorities.

Making our clients’ lives easier is one of our top priorities, and our secret to success. We are a totally self-sufficient decoration, quality control, and packaging plant, with all our services occurring under one roof. By keeping it all in-house, we have the advantage of streamlining the entire decorating process for our clients, helping them stick to their production schedules and keep up with supply chains.
Woman inspecting bottles

Quality Control

We are known for our comprehensive quality control measures. Throughout the course of our history, we’ve been adding to and improving our QC methods to ensure that every single piece of glass we decorate is perfect before we ship it. Today, we have 23 steps to our Quality Control procedures that cover every part of our process, starting from when the glass arrives at our facility to when it’s shipped.
CLS employees inspecting glass on production line

Screen Printing

Choose a distinctive label alternative that won’t tear, wrinkle, or scuff. Through screen printing, or applied ceramic labeling (ACL), we apply a design to your bottles using ceramic paint, then fire the bottles inside our lehr furnace. The result is a permanent decoration, forged by the heat of the furnace, that won’t deteriorate like traditional paper labels. Whether your design is for one side of the bottle or 360° coverage, we can bring it to life.
CLS employees inspecting glass on production line

Spray Coatings

Achieve a premium look without the premium price tag. Manufacturing colored glass is an extremely costly process, but through spray coating, your bottles can stand out on the shelf without breaking your budget. Choose from transparent, opaque, or metallic finishes in several colors. We use organic, water-based sprays to ensure a beautiful finish and compliance with all food safety regulations.
CLS employees inspecting glass on production line

Medallion Application

Evoke a sense of legacy with medallion application. Our custom-built robot was designed specifically for applying medallions of various metals onto glass bottles. The finished product is a dignified bottle, stamped with your designed medallion, exuding luxury and a classic style.
CLS employees inspecting glass on production line

Pressure Sensitive Labeling

“Labeling” is in our name, and it’s where our roots lie. We have been providing pressure sensitive labeling services since our beginnings, and our extensive experience is what makes our labeling applications excel. Utilizing our equipment, we are able to apply pressure sensitive labels at a rapid pace.
CLS employees inspecting glass on production line

Carton Erection

With bottles come boxes. In addition to decorating services, we offer carton and partition erecting for our clients. Thanks to our robotic carton erector machine, we are able to erect knock-down boxes, glue them, and insert any corrugated or fiberboard partitions efficiently.
CLS employees inspecting glass on production line

Repack and Re-sort

Design should never be limited to glass bottles alone. If your bulk bottles need to be repacked into decorative or custom cartons, our team will handle it for you. We will also re-sort your bottles, culling any with bad glass or finish defects to ensure quality control. Our extensive knowledge of glass defects allows us to do mold pulls and glass reselects at a competitively fast rate.
CLS employees inspecting glass on production line


We offer warehousing to our clients for their products and materials to ensure safe storage and to reduce damages from additional transportation. This is another way CLS is a one-stop shop for our customers.