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Masters of the Finishing Touch

What to Expect

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”
— Stephen Covey

As with all our projects, our goal is to provide high-quality glass decoration that elevates your brand image and helps continue your success. Before any production can begin, our first task is to understand your business and your desired outcomes. We must “define the need” by reviewing the proposed design and learning your vision to determine the best process to efficiently and flawlessly execute your ideas.
1. Initial Interview

A Chattanooga Labeling Systems Account Manager will meet with you to discuss your product and design. We will ask for the following materials and information to be uploaded to our design resources center to ensure project viability and success:

  • Minimum order quantity
  • Physical glass samples
  • Bottle drawings
  • Artwork and color specifications
  • Any specific quality or testing requirements
  • Packaging requirements
  • Desired production timelines


If you know which type of decorating application is needed for your design, we can quickly begin work on decorating samples.

2.Custom Fit Solutions

After our initial discussion, our team will advise the best application methods to achieve your vision. Like a custom tailor, we will provide insights on how your design can be applied to glass and any limitations there may be. Even if the best application is not immediately available to us, we will provide alternatives or assess the feasibility of securing the technology to provide the desired result.

3.Options & Quotes
We will share an in-depth, personalized production plan and present samples of the artwork on your bottles, if requested. The production plan will include our proposed decorating process, any specialized quality control or testing measures, and pricing quotes.
4.Timelines & Agreements
A production timeline will be presented based on your requirements and the amount of time deemed necessary to ensure the fastest and highest quality result possible. Once the timeline is approved, we will review project details to ensure all parties are on board.
Your project will be added to our production schedule with the timeline communicated to you as well as any pertinent milestones.
6.Project Management

Once production begins, you will receive regular communication from your Account Manager on the project status and progress. Our team takes responsibility for every step of the project, sharing all facets of our process with you with full transparency. We also welcome clients to tour our facilities and see production firsthand, if desired.