Excellence Delivered

“I have a relationship with CLS that spans two decades now. I first began working with them as the quality control manager for the Jack Daniels Distillery on the ACL decoration of the Scenes of Lynchburg collectible series of bottles, and most recently, I entrusted them with decorating bourbon bottles for my brand at Company Distilling. I have always found CLS to be professional, to deliver a high-quality product in a timely fashion, and to provide an excellent level of customer service throughout the process. I highly recommend you explore their services. You will not be disappointed.”

Jeff Arnett
Founder and Master Distiller
Company Distilling
Thompson’s Station & Townsend, Tennessee

“I recently had the pleasure of working with CLS and their positive communication stood out as a competitive advantage in their industry. CLS is consistently attentive and responsive to our needs. This includes prompt follow-up on questions, providing regular updates on their business, and willingness to discuss any concerns or modifications to our requirements. CLS’ friendly, candid and professional approach makes them a trusted business partner and I recommend them to anyone needing decoration, labeling or specialty packaging.”

Sam Below
Global Key Account Manager
Formerly of OI Glass
Perrysburg, Ohio

“As a customer of CLS for over ten years, I can attest to their dedication to their customers. They don’t simply pursue business, they form relationships, and many times, friendships with their customers. They are built on the premise that treating people fairly and with integrity is how you keep customers and keep them happy to be in a business partnership with you.

While at Jack Daniels, I rarely had quality issues. That is because CLS’ attention to detail/quality is above reproach. Providing exceptional quality is never an accident; it requires high intention, sincere effort, great leadership and skillful execution. CLS provides all that and more.”

Becky Tuck
Purchasing Director
Formerly of Jack Daniels Distillery
Lynchburg, Tennessee